Long International’s officers and the majority of our Principals have worked together over 20 or more years. At Long International, our commitment to long-term relationships fosters effective communication and efficient teamwork. Long International’s executives work together to ensure our clients’ success. To learn more about our leadership team, please browse the summary biographies and detailed resumes of our senior executives below.

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Richard J. Long, P.E., P.Eng., Founder and
     Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Avalon, P.E., PSP, President
Steven J. Bieniewicz, Senior Principal
Harold (Hal) E. Buddemeyer, Jr., Senior Principal
Curtis W. Foster, Senior Principal
James E. Kelley, Jr., P.E., Senior Principal
Robert J. Lane, Senior Principal
S. Andrew McIntosh, Senior Principal
Philip R. Moncrief, P.E. P.Eng., Senior Principal
W. Tom Thweatt, Jr., Senior Principal
Peter van der Schans, Senior Principal
Stephen P. Warhoe, Ph.D., P.E., CCP, CFCC
    Senior Principal
Rod C. Carter, CCP, PSP, Principal
Michael Harris, Principal
Douglas A. Kage, P.E., Principal
Truman D. King, P.E., Principal
Ronald J. Rider, MBA, Principal
Tanya V. Miller, MBA, Director of Business Development
Jamal F. AlBahar, Ph.D., PMP, VMA, MCIArb
    Managing Director, Middle East – United Arab Emirates,
    Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia
Charles P. Fournier, J.D., CCA, Managing Director
Denise G. Lanxton, Manager of Administrative Services
Douglas J. Nutter, Manager of Graphic Services
Stacie W. Day, Manager of Database Services