Risk Analysis Experts

The risk and uncertainty analyses performed by Long International’s experts and consultants involve the preparation of sophisticated cost and schedule models which, with the client’s input, forecast ranges and probabilities of outcomes to better define the uncertainties of claim values or project completion dates. Instead of preparing a static cost spreadsheet or schedule model which provides one result, or a group of models with contrasting results, Monte Carlo simulations allow the user to define variable cost and date ranges and distributions, and perform thousands of trials within a given model. The user can then assess the probability of events occurring, such as meeting a budget or a completion date, or the probability of a Contractor prevailing on various components of its claimed damages. In addition, this method allows one to isolate and adjust the most sensitive variables in any cost or schedule model, and then take necessary actions that address the most sensitive variables. Long International utilizes Crystal Ball, Primavera Risk Analysis (Pertmaster), and other software to assist Owners, Contractors, and Insurers to better manage their risks.

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Richard J. Long, P.E., P.Eng., Founder and
     Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Avalon, P.E., PSP, Chairman
Rod C. Carter, CCP, PSP, President
Steven J. Bieniewicz, Senior Principal
Harold (Hal) E. Buddemeyer, Jr., Senior Principal
Curtis W. Foster, Senior Principal
Robert J. Lane, Senior Principal
S. Andrew McIntosh, Senior Principal
Stephen P. Warhoe, Ph.D., P.E., CCP, CFCC
    Senior Principal
George E. (Ted) Brown, Principal
Michael Harris, Principal
Douglas A. Kage, P.E., Principal
William L. Reeves, P.E., Principal
Ronald J. Rider, MBA, Principal
David T. Hulett, Ph.D., FAACE
    Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Partner
Douglas A. Bassett, P.Eng, PMP, FCIP
    Senior Executive Consultant
Lance C. Clarke, Senior Executive Consultant
Jeremy M. Connell, Pr. Eng., Senior Executive Consultant
Peter F. Franco, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Michael T. Gunter, P.E., EVP, Senior Executive Consultant
Eric J. Klein, Ph.D., P.E., PMP, Senior Executive Consultant
Steven W. Laskey, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Kenney W. McNabb, MBA, Senior Executive Consultant
Jeffrey A. Moore, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Douglas K. Oppman, J.D., Senior Executive Consultant
Joy E. Pechet, PMP, Senior Executive Consultant
Sean P. Pellegrino, P.E., Senior Executive Consultant
Carlos Pina, PMP, Senior Executive Consultant
James E. Bortz, P.E., Executive Consultant
Matthew Muse, PMP, Executive Consultant
Christopher J. Sable, Executive Consultant
Andrea L. Valentine, Executive Consultant